Open Billing Run

Where used: Job Projects > Job Projects > Job Project Inquiry

Open Billing Run Overview

The user should be aware that this function will list all billable items for all Job Projects on screen. The user must first select/highlight the Job Project that the want to open this billing run for. Then select Command/Control G to filter all other Job Projects out of the list onscreen.

The Sapphire Open Billing Run tool then enables the SapphireOne user to display a list of transactions for the selected Job Project that are ready for billing.

The SapphireOne user has the ability to highlight the particular transaction and a tick will appear beside it. The SapphireOne user can then select/highlight a particular transaction, the using the mouse, click inside the checkbox in the right hand column on screen and generate a Job Client Invoice (JCI).

For example, you may be currently working on a particular Job Project and as certain tasks are completed, you are ready to invoice your client for the completed tasks. The SapphireOne user has the ability to enter the particular Job Project details and view all transactions that are linked to the current Job Project. From the list of transactions you can highlight the tasks which have been completed and want to generate an invoice for. The SapphireOne user will make sure there is a tick beside the particular transactions and utilise the Sapphire Open Billing Run tool to generate a billing cycle.

Tools-Open Billing Run-Menu

This tool is directly linked to the Billing Cycle area on the first page of a Job Project Inquiry. The tool uses the details as entered into this area to select the transactions that are to be displayed in the list when the Open Billing Run tool is selected. 

The list will display all transactions from the details as set up in the Job Project that are ready for billing. All the user has to do is select (tick) them and then select the Process button. 

SapphireOne will then display confirmation pop up dialog. When the Yes button is selected, SapphireOne will proceed to auto create the JCI based on the selected items. 

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