Open Linked Audit Lines - Easily View Transaction Audit Lines

Accounts > Receivables > Transactions Inquiry > Open Linked Audit Lines

The Sapphire Open Linked Audit Lines tool enables the user to view the audit lines for a selected transaction. The SapphireOne user may wish to display a particular Client Transaction and view the individual transaction lines within the order. By utilising the Open Linked Audit Lines, the SapphireOne user has the ability to view all History Audit Lines relevant to that Transaction.

For example, you may have a fulfilled a Client Order, completed and shipped the order but during transit inventory item were damaged. The client may then request compensation such as a replacement of damaged goods, credit, refund, etc. for the damaged inventory items. The SapphireOne user then has the ability to enter into that Client Transaction and use the Open Linked Audit Lines to locate that specific inventory item, product, etc. within the transaction that was damaged.

This tool will display the audit lines for the currently highlighted transaction. 

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