Clone to Location

Where Used: Inventory > Inventory > Inventory Inquiry
Job Projects > Inventory > Inventory Inquiry 

Clone to Location Overview.

It should be noted that if existing base inventory is to be cloned to a new location, new location will have to be set up first by going to: Inventory > Inventory > Locations. The locations item is below the base Inventory option in the left hand screen shot below.

SapphireOne’s Clone to Location tool, allows the user to quickly and efficiently clone Base Inventory to another location within your SapphireOne data file.

Menu Sapphire Tools Clone To Location

To Clone an Inventory item or items they must first be individually highlighted, then the Clone to Location tool selected from the Sapphire tools menu. SapphireOne will then display a list of locations within the data file available for cloning. 

Once the button is selected SapphireOne will immediately clone all of the highlighted inventory items to the location as selected. While they will have the prices as in the original inventory items, they will have no last Cost as they have not yet been purchased though this new location within SapphireOne at this stage. To establish stock purchase orders will have to be processed for the new Inventory items in the new location.

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