Export Inventory Income and Expenditure

Job Projects-Job Projects-Job Project
Job Projects-Job Projects-Job Project-Export Inventory Income & Expenditure

The Sapphire Export Inventory Income and Expenditure tool will use all projects currently on screen and not just the highlight Job projects.. To limit the export tools output, select the required Job Projects and then use the Cmd/Ctrl G command to limit the number of Job Projects currently in the list on screen.

Job Projects-Job Projects-Job Project-Period Alert

When the Sapphire Export Inventory Income and Expenditure tool is selected an alert will ask the user what period this report is for. Enter the period and then select the OK-Button button

This tool exports a CSV file to the local hard drive, and if a spreadsheet program of some type is installed on the local hard drive SapphireOne will then open it and display the exported file.

Job Projects-Job Projects-Job Project-CSV File

For the selected projects it will export a file that is similar to a P & L income statement for the selected job projects. 

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