Serial Check

Serial Check Tool

This Serial > Serial Check tool only displays basic availability quantities for each Inventory item.
Extended details are available from the Serial > Open Related Serial Batch tool.

Where Used: Inventory Inquiry

SapphireOne serial number’s are assigned incrementally or sequentially to your Serialised Inventory. This provides a uniquely identifiable Serialised inventory item. This will uniquely identify any inventory items that have a serial number. 

Serial numbers with SapphireOne do not need to be regimented as numbers only. They can be a combination of numbers and characters or commonly referred to as alphanumeric as required.

SapphireOne has the ability to check both Batch or Serial number items. When viewing the Serial Batch option available under an Inventory Inquiry, you are able to see the total items available. This tool checks the total number available as listed against the actual Batch or Serial information. 

There is also an option called Serial Fix in the Sapphire Functions options. This function should only be used under the guidance of Sapphire Support – This feature is located at Utilities > Utilities > Sapphire Functions 

This Serial check does not cross check allocated, or un-posted records. Therefore, any inventory items that appear on your screen on completion of this routine will need to be checked. 

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