Bank Sync - Efficient Account Reconciliation Made Easy

Bank Sync Overview

The Sapphire One Bank Sync feature provides a valuable time-saving procedure for reconciling your accounts. Values within your account are compared against those in your downloaded statements. All unique values will be flagged to reconcile without user intervention. Any duplicate values will require manual selection to assign them to the correct transaction prior to reconciling.

The Bank Sync feature is located within SapphireOne Accounts Mode > General Ledger > Bank Sync.

Bank Sync Process

  1. Select the desired account to reconcile.
  2. Select your bank statement in either .qif or .csv format. This can be downloaded from your bank or Credit Union’s web portal.
  3. SapphireOne will parse the bank statement and compare all values against the values in your account. You will be presented with the bank reconciliation screen for approval.
  4. Filter the date range to reconcile if required.
  5. Carefully assess all transactions and de-select any you do not wish to include by selecting the Tick icon to remove it. Selecting this area again will toggle the Tick back on if required.
  6. If there are multiple transactions with the same value the user will be presented with assignment options to choose from.
  7. Select Process.

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