Quickly Identify and Fix Errors in General Ledger Journals and Transactions

The SapphireOne user will be alerted when a General Ledger Journal or any transaction type is in error. Subsequently, when the user attempts to post the record, SapphireOne will advise of the error status. First, modify or look at the particular record. Then clicking on the tab in the top right hand corner with label Error, the user can view the error. If there is more than one error, each error will be listed consecutively.

The procedure for fixing errors caused by missing GL account records is as follows

  1. Navigate to Account > General Ledger > Transactions.
  2. Ascertain which Pay Run and allowance the error relates to i.e. which records have a missing GL ID.
  3. Navigate to Payroll/HR > History > Payroll.
  4. Open the relevant allowance and apply a GL ID to ensure this won’t reoccur in future.
  5. Navigate to Payroll/HR > Administration > Allowance.
  6. Fix the GL Journal.

Consequently, the SapphireOne user will be provided with the opportunity to amend the transaction. Once the transaction is amended, the user will be able to identify if the error has now been removed or is unresolved. By simply again clicking on the error tab, the user will be notified if the General Ledger account is still in error or has been resolved.

The error tabs apply to every single transaction type, and it’s always located in the top right hand corner under the tab denoted with error.

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