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Find Unused Account Overview

From time to time all businesses should review all of the General Ledger Accounts that they currently have active. These Accounts may then be looked through and a decision made to inactivate certain ones.

It should be noted that for any General Ledger Accounts that are unused, they may not necessarily have a zero balance. These Accounts may not be made inactive until the balance is zero.

When these General Ledger Accounts are set as inactive, they will no longer be displayed in any complete lists or wildcard searches, where the ID forms a part of the search criteria. The General Ledger Accounts ID will still form a part of the data file, and the usage of these inactivated ID’s will not be allowed.

If an attempt is made to enter one of these inactive ID’s, SapphireOne will warn the user that the ID already exists. By selecting the Show Inactive option from the Sapphire Tools menu the user is able to include these in the list of General Ledger accounts and re-activate them as required.

Find Unused Accounts Operation

First go to Accounts mode and perform a General Ledger Inquiry and select the Find Unused Accounts option from the Sapphire Tools menu. Once the tool has been selected, an alert will be displayed asking for a date for the search. SapphireOne will propose the current date, so use it.

SapphireOne will then display a shortened list of General Ledger Accounts that have been not been used up to the entered date.

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