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Matrix Table Overview

The Sapphire Matrix Table tool is an extremely useful tool for managing inventory matrix based items, and gives the SapphireOne user, a graphical representation of the current stock levels of all inventory items listed within the matrix. The SapphireOne user is also able to view all inventory items and quantities in various locations.

The Sapphire Matrix Table Tool enables the user to check the levels of inventory items or stock in a graphical size-colour-style display, which we refer to as a Matrix Table. This gives the SapphireOne user the ability to select an inventory item and then search the Matrix Table to find if that particular item is listed within and view the internal Size, Colour and Style of that inventory item, as well as the current stock quantities of each Size, Colour and Style of inventory item.

For example, you may own a retail brand that sells fashion items such as clothing, shoes and accessories, and you use a Matrix Table to manage your inventory across multiple store locations as well as online. You may have a customer who wants to purchase a particular garment in a specific colour and size but it is not currently in stock at that store location.

The SapphireOne user can then utilise the Matrix Table tool to search for that specific inventory item (size, colour) within the Matrix Table and view whether that inventory item is in stock and what it’s current stock level is, and if it is in stock, which locations it is available in i.e. another store location, warehouse, etc.

This tool is located at: Tools > View > Matrix Table

  • Matrix Table – The Matrix Table Tool allows for the checking of stock levels in a graphical style matrix table.
  • Matrix Item – This tool will first check to see if the highlighted item is part of a matrix.
    • Not Matrix – If it is not the user will be presented with an alert warning the user of this.
    • Matrix – If the item is part of a matrix, the actual matrix for that item will be displayed as well as current stock levels for all Inventory items that are part of the matrix. 
  • Usage – This tool has been provided so that users have a graphical representation of stock levels for any matrix items in their Inventory. The Matrix table in the screenshot above displays all stock for the item. 
  • Un-Posted – If there are any un-posted orders in SapphireOne the user may select the Show Available checkbox.
  • Other Locations – If there are a number of Inventory locations in the data file where matrix items are stored the user may view the stock levels in these other locations as follows.
    • First select or highlight the master matrix item.
    • Then select the drop-down menu and select a location from the menu at the lower left hand corner of the screen.
    • Once a location has been selected the matrix stock levels for the location will be displayed. 

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