Allocate 0 to 100% - Optimal Allocation Made Simple

Accounts > Receivables, Payables & G/L > Transaction Inquiries > Allocate 0 to 100%
Job Projects > Costs > Account Transaction Inquiry > Allocate 0 to 100%

Allocate 0 to 100% Overview

The Allocate 0 or 100% Tool enables the SapphireOne user to quickly and efficiently elect to fully allocate or un-allocate a group of transactions in a quick, simple and dynamic way.

Some Care and checking should be exercised when using either of these two functions.

SapphireOne will search for any transactions in the list that are not fully allocated and offer to either fully un-allocate then or fully allocate them. This will allow transactions to be cleared by marking them as either 0% or 100% allocated. This is generally used to clear the last few cents on an unpaid or un-receipted Invoice. 

An alert will be displayed. Depending on the selection made from the tools menu, offer to set the allocation to either 0% or 100%. 

Compulsory Job Projects Checkbox and Allocating 100%

Within Utilities > Controls > Master Defaults > Projects page, if the ‘Compulsory Job Projects’ checkbox has been selected and the allocate 100% tool is applied as outlined above, SapphireOne will display an additional pop up requesting the compulsory Job Project ID. 

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