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The Sapphire Check for Duplicate PVI tool enables the SapphireOne user to search the SapphireOne data file for Purchase Vendor Invoice (PVI) duplicates. The SapphireOne user can highlight one or more records within the History Inventory Transaction screen and then select the Sapphire Check for Duplicate PVI tool. SapphireOne will scan the data file to check for any duplicate invoices.

The SapphireOne Purchase Vendor Invoice is a formal record of the confirmation of the receipt of goods, services and/or inventory from your vendor/supplier. A SapphireOne Purchase Vendor Invoice (PVI) will contain all the line items that were delivered by your Vendor, and those lines will contain information such as Inventory IDs, Inventory descriptions, the number of units, the quantity, the rate that you’ve agreed to pay your Vendor, any discounts that have been applied to each line by your Vendor or the appropriate taxes. 

For example, you may own a large manufacturing company and store your inventory in a warehouse location. You may have floor staff that are in charge of managing inventory and maintaining stock levels on the warehouse floor. Staff be required to restock inventory levels for particular items and create a Purchase Vendor Invoice. It may be discovered that more than one staff member has enter an order to restock inventory levels. The SapphireOne user can then utilise the Sapphire Check for Duplicate PVI tool to search the history and find the duplicate Purchase Vendor Invoice. The SapphireOne user can then delete any duplicates within the data file. If the Purchase Vendor Invoice has been posted, the SapphireOne user can reverse the transaction by using the Reverse Transaction tool and the PVI will be turned into a Purchase Vendor Credit.

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