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No Sale Item Overview

The SapphireOne No Sale Item enables the user to search a list of inventory items that have had no sales within a particular time frame. The user has the ability to review the sales of inventory items and can efficiently search which items sold and which items did not. The user is able to view all inventory items that has no sales from the entered Start Date to the entered Finish Date. SapphireOne will then generate a list within the selected Date Range of all inventory items that have No Sale. This time frame could be Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, etc.

For example, you may be a marketing manager and want to view the inventory items that are not selling well and have a promotion to shift the Inventory on slow moving stock items. The marketing manager can use the No Sale Item tool to display the Inventory items that are not selling and make adjustments on prices and create a promotion or campaign to push sales.

The inventory manager may also elect not to purchase inventory items again. Alternatively, you may be a sales or inventory manager and wish to see which Inventory items are not selling well. The No Sale Item tool can help inform future purchases as you may realise your customer or clients are not purchasing specific Inventory items or goods, and you can cease to sell those products that are not moving off the shelf.

When a list of Inventory items is on screen this tool will display a list of inventory items that have had no sales between the dates selected in the pop up dialog.

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