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SapphireOne Payroll/HR Working Transactions has a specific tool, which is titled Bulk Change Pay Period Date. In the example set out below we have selected a subset of three employees where the Payroll/HR department may elect to make an additional pay run to those three employees. An example where this may apply would be a monthly bonus that may be paid at the end of the calendar month. It may be a quarterly bonus, which is paid at the end of the quarter or it may be a yearly bonus, which is paid at the end of the financial year or calendar year.

The purpose of the Show Subset option (Command + G on MacOS or Ctrl + G on Windows) is that we can elect a list of employees that are currently on Working Transactions, and we can change the date quickly and efficiently using the Bulk Change Pay Period Date. This will instantly change the normal pay cycle date to the specific date and allow the SapphireOne user to specifically run a Pay Run for that particular reason noted above. There may be many other reasons why the user may require performing a special Pay Run and want to do a Bulk Change to Pay Period Date.

  • This tool is used when a number of employee’s Pay dates are to be altered. 
  • Care should be exercised as all employees that are in the list on screen will have their Pay Dates altered. 
  • If necessary, select the employees first by highlighting them then use (Command G for MacOS and Ctrl G for Windows) to select the subset. 

Upon submission of the date range a confirmation window will advise of how many employees will be modified once approval is confirmed.

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