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BMCS is an acronym for the Brisbane Market Credit Service. The Market BMCS Invoice.TXT Accelerated and Extended are tools provided by SapphireOne to facilitate the creation and management of invoices for the BMCS. 

The Credit Service is a clearinghouse for primary wholesalers, buyers, and other related businesses operating in the Brisbane Produce Market (BPM). It was established in 1973 and is widely recognised and respected within the industry.

Using the Brismark Credit Service is easy. All Credit Service users are given a unique buying or selling brand to identify them at the time of any transaction inside the BPM, Brisbane Produce Markets.

Following each day’s trade, invoices are sent to the Credit Service by the biller. This is provided electronically through Brismark online  or sorted for collection at the Credit Service. At the end of each week, the buyer’s statements are sent to the Credit Service and the information is consolidated onto a single billing statement for each buyer. Payment to the Credit Service is required on a Wednesday. Credit Service staff follow up with buyers to ensure that payments are received on time. The payments received from buyers are subsequently distributed to the relevant primary wholesalers and other billers.

Creating the text files

The procedure for the production of the Accelerated and Extended text file is the same and is automatically named by the operating platform as follows by altering the first character prefix for the file.

For Accelerated text file the prefix is AINV_DayMonthYear

For Extended text file the prefix is EINV_DayMonthYear

From the list of Sales transactions, select/highlight the transactions that are to be included in this BMCS text file. Then select the appropriate tool, Accelerated or Extended!

Once the Market BMCS Invoice.TXT Accelerated or Extended option is selected from the tools menu the operating platform will display the alert as seen to the right.

Next select the folder that the text file is to be saved in. If the folder has not been used to save one of these text files it will be empty.

Saving the Text file

Select the button to save the file. The file will automatically be saved by the operating platform with a name as follows. AINV or EINV_DayMonthYear. The A prefix indicates that it is an Accelerated text file while the E prefix indicates that it is an Extended text file.

If the procedure above is repeated while an existing file is still in the folder, the existing file will be overwritten. If necessary an overwritten file can be retrieved by running the procedure again on the appropriate transactions in the Sale list. But remember to remove any existing file from the folder before overwriting them!

Sending the text file

The user has a number of options when sending the text based invoices to Bismark including accessing their online portal and sending them electronically.

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