Temporarily Remove From BAS

Temporarily Remove from BAS Tool Overview

Where Used: Utilities > History > Transactions.

Retentions for the purpose of the BAS are included only when the Payment is made, in effect Cash Accounting is applied. Yet the Accounting Standards state we must include these values within ‘Work in Progress’ under an Accrual Accounting system.

SapphireOne has provided the ‘Temporarily Remove From BAS’ tool to make this possible. This tool allows the user to select specific transactions and exclude these from the BAS Query.  Retentions can be held for a month, two years or more.

SapphireOne creates all retention transactions with an External Reference of ‘RT’. To search for Retention Transaction with your SapphireOne datafile, open the Transaction Inquiry screen and use SapphireOne Quick Find function to enter SapphireOne WildCard Search ‘RT@’ to create a Subset of all retention transactions.

To use the Temporarily Remove from BAS Tool:

  1. Highlight the transactions you wish to exclude from the BAS Calculation.
  2. Select the Sapphire Tools icon and select ‘Temporarily Remove from BAS.’ 

If cancellation of this function is required, immediately select the transaction/s again and select from the same Sapphire Tools menu Cancel Temporary Removal from BAS.

There is a check box in Master Defaults where you may elect to automatically remove retention amounts from the BAS. This can be done by navigating to: Utilities > Controls > Master Defaults > Projects. 

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