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The SapphireOne Allocation Tool will open an Inquiry Allocation screen and allocates transactions for Open Item for Clients and Vendors against their unallocated respective transactions. The Allocation Tool is very similar to the Transaction Tool, however this function only displays the records that have not yet been fully allocated.

Normally when a transaction is created, and the  selected, and SapphireOne Accounting Software determines that an allocation should be made, it will immediately display the allocation screen limited to the Client or Vendor for whom the transaction has been auctioned against. The Allocation Tool is usually used to make an immediate allocation for the Client or Vendor transaction.

The main purpose of the Allocation Tool is to allocate transactions for Open Item Clients and Vendors against their respective transactions that have not yet had an allocation made against them, e.g. a Receipt against the appropriate Invoice and a vendor payment against a vendor invoice. The beauty of the SapphireOne Allocation tool is that you can take any transaction from any Accounts Transaction Inquiry screen and quickly show a subset, and use the tool to either allocate, unallocate or reallocate. It’s a very simple and easy tool to access from any accounts transaction inquiries screen.
By default, when this function is selected, any transactions for all Clients or Vendors that SapphireOne determines.

This Allocation Tool will be displayed on three menus that list transactions and is there to allow quick access to the allocation function. It is displayed at the top of the Sapphire Tools menu when used. When selected SapphireOne will display the allocation function for the currently highlighted unallocated transaction only. 

Both Receivables and Payables have a dedicated Allocations function which is an item on the main drop-down menu. Since this function is extensive and complex the details for this function have been documented within the relevant articles:

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