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Client Overview

SapphireOne’s Client Inquiry function in Accounts mode is a vital tool for efficiently managing all sales within the SapphireOne application. Once a Client is set up in SapphireOne, it becomes the central repository for all transactions associated with that specific Client.

Master Record

It is essential to highlight that the knowledge base articles use the term Master Record. When a Client is opened and saved in SapphireOne, it becomes the Client’s Master Record, capturing all relevant and essential information for that particular Client. The Client’s master record then plays a pivotal role throughout SapphireOne, serving as a comprehensive and definitive reference for that specific Client. Any modifications or updates made to this Client’s master record are permanent and have far-reaching implications across the SapphireOne application. When transactions are carried out for the Client, they are based on the most current information available in the Client’s Master Record. Therefore, ensuring the accuracy and completeness of the Client’s master record is crucial for maintaining consistency and reliability in all Client-related activities within SapphireOne.

Locations for accessing a Client Inquiry

For the convenience of users, the Client Inquiry item has been thoughtfully included in the menus of both here in Inventory mode, Accounts and Job Projects modes. It’s worth noting that regardless of the mode from which a Client inquiry is accessed, it leads to the same Client Inquiry function within SapphireOne. Therefore, users can access the Client Inquiry function from various modes in SapphireOne. The Client Inquiry function has been documented from the Accounts mode article only in the knowledge base. If you have accessed this Client Inquiry function from Inventory or Job Projects modes in the knowledge base, you can click on this Client Inquiry link to read the article from the Accounts mode, which will open in the same browser tab that you are now using.

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