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The Sapphire Print Hunter Manifest Report enables the SapphireOne user to generate and print any manifest report created with the carrier of Hunter directly from SapphireOne. Hunter is a freight delivery service and it can be managed directly from your SapphireOne. This is specifically designed for Hunter deliveries, and producing the Manifest for that particular group of deliveries that the SapphireOne user will be shipping with Hunter.

A Manifest is a list of goods either being delivered to or shipped from a warehouse. A Manifest will generally include a listed description of the cargo items, the quantity, origin and the destination. In logistics, a Manifest describes a list of Inventory based invoices carried on a mode of transport, such as a ship, plane, truck, train or van, etc. In SapphireOne, the Manifest Inquiry screen is a file containing delivery dockets, invoices, picking and packing slips and electronic files that can be sent electronically via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange).

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