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Mark Finished Overview

The Sapphire Mark Finished tool enables the user to efficiently mark a single or group of Job Projects as Finished. The Sapphire Mark finished tool within Job Projects allows the SapphireOne user to select a single Job Project or a group of Job Projects, show subset and select those Job Projects by using the Command A (MacOS) or Control A (Windows) shortcut. By selecting the Sapphire tools the user will be able to select the Mark Finish this would mark all those Job Projects as finished and completed. This saves the SapphireOne user having to go into each job Project and manually select the Finished checkbox.

Where Used: Job Projects > Job Projects > Job Project Inquiry 

Menu-Job Projects-Job Projects-Job Project

When the list of Job Projects is displayed, selecting this tool will result in SapphireOne displaying a pop up confirmation dialog. If yes is selected SapphireOne will mark the currently highlighted Job Project(s) as Finished.

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