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The SapphireOne Expiry Increase tool enables the user to extend or increase the expiry date time frame by a selected amount of days on an inventory item or multiple inventory items with serial or batch numbers.

An expiry date or expiration date determines the time frame in which a product or good can be used. Most often it indicates the shelf life of an item and is applied to perishable goods, for example, meat and dairy products.

If you have an inventory item or a batch of inventory that you require an expiration date to be increased, the Expiry Increase tool allows the user to enter the specified number of days for that inventory item or batch of inventory and extend the expiration time period to the new expiry date and apply it to to all selected inventory.

Most products or goods that have an expiration date will fall under one of two terms, Use By or Best Before. A Use By date is applied mostly to products that perish or spoil and can not be used after this date as they may pose potential harm to your health if consumed beyond the expiry date.

A Best Before date is often applied to products and goods that have a longer shelf life and can be stored for a longer periods of time before the quality of the product begins to deteriorate. Manufactured goods may also contain an expiry date if general use or ‘wear and tear’ impacts the quality of the product and affects its safe use.

For example, a user may have initially entered the incorrect date and applied it to selected inventory items. The user can then use the Expiry Increase tool to modify the expiry date on the selected inventory by increasing the amount of days to the correct amount of days.

Another example where the Expiry Increase tool may be applied is to stock or inventory that is part of a promotional offer or sale and you may wish to extend the promotional period. Again, the Expiry Increase tool allows the user to change the expiry date on the selected inventory items which are relevant to the promotion or sale and increase the promotional period by the selected amount of days.

This function is used to increase the expiry date by a specified number of days. Once you perform a Serial Number Inquiry and then select Extend Expiry from the tools menu you will be asked to enter in the number of days by which the Expiry Date is to be extended. 

This new Expiry Date will be applied to all records on screen. If you don’t want this new date to be applied to all records you will have to filter out the records that you don’t want by using the Find function on the main Toolbar before applying the function.

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