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Decrypt and Encrypt Private TFN Overview

At all times SapphireOne endeavours to implement the appropriate tools and encryptions to protect the privacy of the data contained within your SapphireOne data file. The Encrypt TFNs tool is a perfect example of SapphireOne implementing a tool that protects the Tax File Number identity for SapphireOne’s client’s employees.

The privacy of the Tax File Number rule 2015 and the protection of tax file information under the TFN rule and the recipient has the same meaning as the file number recipient in s 11 of the Privacy Act covers any person agency organisation or other entity, that is whether lawfully or unlawfully in the position control of a record that contains Tax File Number (TFN) information.

SapphireOne takes the protection and privacy of its clients data extremely seriously. Additionally, the Tax File Number is the unique identifier issued to an individual for the entire life of the individual.

The privacy concerns regarding Tax File Numbers is they may at some stage form part of a national identification algorithm that they may also be used to link records for personal information held by many different recipients and agencies, this may include Commonwealth agencies as well as banking organisations.

The SapphireOne Encrypt TFN tool protects the user from having their personal privacy breached, data lost or misused and decreases the risk of identity theft.

The Tax File rule for Tax File Number receipts must at all times take appropriate steps to safeguard Tax File Number (TFN) information from unauthorised access, loss, use, disclosure, modification, or any inappropriate misuse, whether the information is stored electronically or physically this means that the appropriate security measures for protecting your employees Tax File Number information at all times needs to be considered in regards to your organisations dealings and practices.

By default, all Tax File numbers held within SapphireOne are encrypted. If the Decrypt TFN’s tool has been used this Encrypt TFN’s must be used to re-encrypt the TFN’s again. 

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