Create Manifest and Link to Manifest

Where used: Inventory > Sales > Transaction Inquiry > Sapphire Tools

Create Manifest and Link to Manifest Overview

These two tools are provided so that the SapphireOne user is able to place anywhere from one to one hundred or more sales invoices, into a manifest item at the same time. There is no upper limit to the number of Sales invoices the user can add.

There are two options for the SapphireOne user when using this procedure.

  • Link to Manifest – Select a Transaction inquiry from the Sales menu and select/highlight the Sales invoices that are to be used.
    • SapphireOne will the display a list of existing manifest items for the user to select from. Once a a manifest has been selected SapphireOne will add the selected sales invoices to the manifest.
  • Create Manifest – Select a Transaction inquiry from the Sales menu and select/highlight the Sales invoices that are to be used.
    • Manifest List – SapphireOne will then display a list with only the new manifest item on it.
    • Modify – The user will then have to select the modify button to display the new Manifest item ready for data entry with the Green tick-Main toolbar not displayed on the main toolbar!
    • Sales Invoices – All of the these will be listed in the new manifest entry.
      • Carrier – Once a Carrier has been entered, the Manifest entry may be checked and then saved using the now displayed Green tick-Main toolbar on the main toolbar.
    • Additional Sales invoices – These can be added to the new manifest entry by using the Link to Manifest tool at a later time.

The Sapphire Create Manifest tool enables the SapphireOne user to generate a new Manifest with the highlighted sales invoices. This tool will automatically attach the invoices the SapphireOne user has selected in the Sales Invoices window they are currently working from. This is an extremely efficient tool in managing all manifest inquiries, streamlining the users ability to process orders, particularly large orders and those that are ongoing.

Alternatively, the Sapphire Link to Manifest tool enables the SapphireOne user to directly link selected Sales Invoices into the manifest they have open on their screen. The SapphireOne user has the ability to select a Manifest and then by clicking on the first Look at the Invoice and Save icon the SapphireOne user.

The SapphireOne user now has the option to Apply a sales invoice or group of sales invoices to a current Manifest. Once a new Manifest is created, the SapphireOne user has the ability to link invoices to the current manifest open on the screen.

A Manifest is a list of goods either being delivered to or shipped from a warehouse. A Manifest will generally include a listed description of the cargo items, the quantity, origin and the destination. In logistics, a Manifest describes a list of Inventory based invoices carried on a mode of transport, such as a ship, plane, truck, train or van, etc. In SapphireOne, the Manifest Inquiry screen is a file containing delivery dockets, invoices, picking and packing slips and electronic files that can be sent electronically via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange).

For example, you may wish to assign a manifest to a particular employee i.e. Tom. The SapphireOne user can then highlight the selected manifests they wish to add by utilising the Sapphire Link to Manifest tool. SapphireOne will then open a window and display a screen with the original manifests and the new ones applied.

Modifying Sales Transactions in the Manifest record

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