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Pacific Commerce Upload Acknowledgement Overview

The Sapphire Pacific Commerce Upload Acknowledgement tool enables the user to upload acknowledgements from their Pacific Commerce EDI directly into their SapphireOne data file. An acknowledgement refers to the formal communication of the accepted or approved order details from a client to a vendor. This gives the SapphireOne user the ability to track all acknowledgements and maintain a record of communication between clients and vendors.

Pacific Commerce is an Australian-owned eCommerce and secure business-to-business, electronic document exchange (EDI) services provider. Any organisation can trade electronically through a Pacific Commerce EDI exchange. EDI or Electronic Data Interchange is the virtual exchange of data or business documents in electronic format between trading partners.

For example, you may own a large scale tool company and purchase frequently from various vendors. Due to changes in prices of inventory, supply chain demand, etc, this can impact what is available as well as the price and quantity of goods. You may go through a negotiation process with your vendor when building out an order. The SapphireOne user can utilise the Pacific Commerce Upload Acknowledgement tool to keep track of and maintain a record of communication and formal agreements with their vendors. This documentation can be referred back to and is extremely useful when making orders in a turbulent/ volatile market and to maintain transparent business practices.

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