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Password Update Overview

SapphireOne Password Update tool enables the user to set up unlimited numbers of passwords that are ultimately controlled by the organisational chart within your SapphireOne data file. The Password Update tool has been specifically designed for updating passwords within your SapphireOne data file.

Sapphire Update Password if an extremely efficient tool for updating passwords for security. It gives the SapphireOne user the ability of going into the password inquiry, selecting the password that you would like to update, then selecting Password Update from the drop-down menu. Once a user has selected to Password Update, the user will be prompted with how long they would like the new password to be.

For example, you may have a had a security breach of your system or perhaps an employee has left your organisation and for security reasons you are required to update all passwords within your SapphireOne. You can then utilise the Password Update tool. You could have it be 10 or 20 characters long and SapphireOne will randomly generate a password out of 10 characters or whatever length you have selected. If the user elects to make a longer Password, they can make it as long as they wish. SapphireOne will then automatically create a new entry with the updated password and archive the old password automatically within the password management, keeping a log of all updates and previous passwords.

When the list of passwords has been displayed highlight one and select the Change Password option from Sapphire Tools. SapphireOne will display an alert as seen to the left.

The user may now enter in a new password for the highlighted item from the list of passwords.

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