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The Sapphire Add Promotion tool enables the SapphireOne user to add a promotion to any rebate in association with inventory. This gives the SapphireOne user the ability to create a promotion and apply it to a rebate in relation to a client or vendor.

Firstly, a rebate can take many forms. It may be as an incentive for customers of your organisation to reach a particular milestone. As an example, your organisation may give your clients a one million dollar incentive and they will receive a 2% rebate at a particular threshold, such as once they reach one million dollars worth of sales. Alternatively, it may be also be a rebate on a particular product or service that you remit back to your customer at the end of the month, quarter, half year or end of financial year. Furthermore, a rebate can be set on a variety of products, services, classes, buying groups, etc.

Add Promotion Procedure

For example, you may work within the marketing department of a business or an organisation. From here, the employee may wish to set a rebate on a particular product or service. Next, the SapphireOne user can then utilise the Add Promotion tool to create a promotion around the rebate. Consequently, this promotion may be created to incentivise the particular financial threshold of the rebate.

Additionally, to set up a promotion enter the data as follows.

  • Period – First, enter the period that this promotion is for. For example, daily, Weekly, Monthly, etc.
  • Client – Secondly, enter the client that this Promotion is for.
  • Dates – Finally, it is critical to enter the dates that this promotion is for.

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