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Copy to Client or Vendor Overview

SapphireOne Contact can copy to Client or Vendor is a tool that is accessed from your Contacts inquiry and this is useful in a number of scenarios. One scenario maybe that the Client Contact moves to another Client or it may be a previous Contact that you had and then they end up working for one of your Vendors or Clients and you want to go and quickly link them without having to do the data entry.

The other advantage of this is that it will automatically put the new linked Contact at the top of the list in a sort order of zero and then you can elect to modify the Contact and add the user the priority that you feel fit for that particular Contact within the Client or Vendor. By simply giving it the number it will automatically put it sequentially in that order.

These two tools may be used when the linking of a Contact to either a Client or Vendor is required. 

When the list of contacts is displayed by SapphireOne highlight one Contact and select either Copy to either a Client or a Vendor. 

A pop up dialog will be displayed enabling the entry of the selected Client or Vendor. will be displayed enabling the entry of the selected Client or Vendor. 

One contact at a time may be linked using this tool and if none or more than one have been selected an error message will be displayed. 

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