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Resources Calendar Overview

The SapphireOne Resources Calendar tool enables the SapphireOne user to view all Resources allocated to a Job Project in a calendar or chart display. A Resource may be anything that is used to achieve the completion of a Job Project and has a costing value. A Resource in a Job Project is anything that requires tracking, such as, employees, activities, machinery, inventory items, time in attendance, etc.

For example, you may be the director of a construction company and have received a job project that is similar to a past project. You are required to provide a quote to the potential client. The SapphireOne user can then utilise the Resources Calendar tool to view the specific time frame of a project and the amount of each particular resources that was required for the Job Project. This gives the SapphireOne user the ability to accurately provide estimates to see how long a Job Project may take and the resources required to complete it.

When this tool is selected SapphireOne will display a calendar/chart showing the status of Resources within SapphireOne. By default SapphireOne will display the current month, as well as both the previous and next month. By entering in different dates in the Date From and Date To fields additional months may be viewed in this calendar.

  • For this tool to work correctly the user must enter both Starting and Ending dates for all activities that resources perform. 
  • The calendar will display as seen above Resources Availability.
  • It will display time sheets on the days that they are entered their posted status. 
  • For any resources entered into the planning / Quote page of a Project Inquiry they will indicate that days that the resource is planned to work on the project 
  • If the mouse is to hover over the resource entry SapphireOne will as seen display some basic details about the resource. 

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