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Show Reports Overview

The Show Reports function within SapphireOne Accounts Payables mode enables the user to set up a number of different report styles. These reports can be created for a variety of different purposes. The SapphireOne user has the ability to set up custom reoccurring reports related to Vendor accounts e.g. Balances By Vendor Report.

All reports are created by using a simple selection of standard drop-down menus. Once the drop-down menu options is selected the user can then select the dates or periods that the report is to encompass. All generated reports may be exported as a html or CSV file. Additionally, they can be opened by any browser or spreadsheet program e.g. Microsoft Excel. A Matrix report is also available that will display a report in a matrix style format.

Show Reports (Balances by Vendor)

There are two options when selecting the Column By option – Aged and by Terms. In setting up either report, the only difference for the SapphireOne user will be the selection made for Column By.

Column by Aged Report

Column by Terms based Report

All reports may be Date driven or Period driven by selecting the Use Date Button in the lower left-hand corner of the screen.

Show Report Settings

When any alterations or changes are made to reports the Recalculate button must be selected each time to re-calculate the report and display the new details.

The SapphireOne user is able to organise their report accordingly by selecting their preferences in Query and Display settings.

Query Settings

  • Range – The Range data entry field has a drop down list. This drives the From and To fields for each Show Report function in SapphireOne. This drop down menu has a number of items to select from, which will alter for the various types of Show Reports. Once an item has been selected from this drop down menu, SapphireOne will fill the From and To data entry fields automatically.
    • From & To – Users can also manually enter a From and To periods or dates. To swap between period and date select the or button. The button acts as a toggle to switch between the two options, Date or Period.
  • Depart Menu – This drop-down menu gives you the ability to choose from All departments in the company or the selection of an individual department for the report.
  • Query Button – This Button provides users with a dedicated query function that allows for searching reports for data that is in the data file.

Display Settings

The Display Field contains a number of options or settings as follows.

  • Grouping Menu – By using the Grouping drop-down menu, you can select how you would like your clients to be displayed in the report – by ID, Class, Department, Area, State, or by three Customisable Tags.
  • Sort Menu – This drop-down menu allows the report to be sorted as follows when a selection is made from the Column By menu next in this list.
    • Aged Option – Sorted by ID, Name, Total Due, Current and 30, 60 or 90 Days aging.
    • Terms Option – Sorted by ID, Name, Total Due, Current and then from 7 Days all the way through to 4+ months.
    • Inverting Sort – There is also an option to Sort the list ascending or descending by selecting the > button just to the right of the data entry field. The direction of the > on the button will indicate the sort order.
  • Column By Menu – The Column can also be sorted by Aged creditors, or the individual clients Terms.
  • Breaking Menu – This Breaking drop-down menu allows users to select None or Transaction Details as break points in the report.
  • Recalculate – This button must be selected so that SapphireOne will do an initial calculation for the default settings in the report. When any changes are made it must also be selected so SapphireOne can re-calculate the report using the new selections as made by the user.

Footer Buttons

There are several buttons at the bottom of the Show Reports Page that Perform the following functions.

  • Use Period – Selecting this button will automatically fill the “To” Field box with the current date or period.
  • Cancel – Selecting this button will cancel the processing of the current Report.
  • Export to HTML – Selecting this button will export the current Report as a HTML file.
  • Export to CSV – Selecting this button will export the current Report as a CSV file.
  • Print – Selecting this button will open the printing interface for the current report.

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