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Copy to Client & Vendor Overview

The Sapphire Copy to Client & Vendor tool enables the SapphireOne user to clone or link an existing contact to any client or vendor set up in the SapphireOne data file. The Contact Inquiry in Workbook mode displays a list of all Contacts from all of the Clients and Vendors set up in your data file. From time to time your list of contacts for both Clients and Vendors will need to be updated with one or more contacts.

Frequently, these contacts will be duplicated across both the Client and Vendor records in your data file. Instead of creating an entirely new contact, the SapphireOne user can utilise the Copy to Client & Vendor tool to clone or link an existing contact to any client or vendor set up in the data file.

It should be noted that this tool will link one contact at a time so the selecting/highlighting of a single contact is the default functionality of the tool. If more than one single contact is selected, SapphireOne will display an alert warning the user that more than one contact has been selected.

Copying or Linking A Contact

  • Inquiry – Perform a Contact inquiry and select/highlight the required contact.
  • Tool – Select the Copy to Contact or Vendor tool.
  • Alert – An alert will present asking for the entry of a Client or Vendor ID.
    • The user should know beforehand the exact ID of the Client or Vendor that they are linking the contact to.
    • Once entered correctly, SapphireOne will proceed to establish the link as required when the OK button is selected.

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