Scan Consignment Label - Take Control of Your Inventory with Scanning Labels - Guaranteed

The Scan Consignment Label Platform integrates warehouse management systems in SapphireOne that allows users to scan the barcode label on a consignment or individual packages. This scanning process facilitates the tracking and verification of goods as they move through various stages of the supply chain, from picking and packing to shipping and delivery.

Quickly capture consignment details: By scanning the label, Sapphire Custom Web Pack will automatically retrieve information about the consignment, such as the items contained within, their quantities, destination, and other relevant shipping information.

Ensure accuracy: Scanning reduces the likelihood of human error in data entry, ensuring that the correct items are picked, packed and shipped according to the order requirements.

Streamline operations: It speeds up the process of consignment handling by eliminating manual data entry, thus improving efficiency in the packing and dispatch process.

Update inventory and order status: Scanning the consignment label can trigger updates in the inventory management system, adjusting stock levels and updating the order status to reflect that inventory items have been picked, packed and are ready for shipment.

To begin, follow these steps:

  1. From the Navigation page – select Scan Consignment Label:
  1. You will be moved to the following page, and this information will appear:
    • Seq – Sequence identification number.
    • Barcode – An inventory item identification number.
    • Ref – Internal reference.
    • Submit – Submit the scanned information.
  2. Specify a sequence number.
  3. Scan the bar code required.
  4. Insert the internal reference identification.
  5. To finalize the process – select “Submit”.

Once finished – the fields will be cleared automatically and you will be able to scan the next freight consignment.

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