Purchase Orders Report - Real Time Data For Enhanced Reporting

Purchase Orders Report Overview

The SapphireOne Purchase Orders report enables the production of customisable reports containing real time Purchase Order data concurrently from the users data file. There are various types of reports available as well as customisable reports to comprehensively meet users needs.

Purchase Orders Report Page

Print Destination Popup Menu in Purchase Orders Report

The Print Destination Popup Menu allows the user to choose the destination for the Report, and select from the options which include Printer, Custom Report, Quick Report and Text File.

Printer  Tells SapphireOne to send the report straight to the Printer. 
Email This will result in SapphireOne emailing the Transaction Report to an entered email as a CSV file.
Custom Report  This allows the user to create a custom designed report. Once selected SapphireOne will use this option on the Print Destination menu. 
Quick Report  Selecting this option will open the Sapphire Quick Report function. 

Report Type Popup Menu

The Report Type Popup Menu gives you the ability to choose from 9 different Statement Report types to best suit your specific reporting requirements. Below is an overview of each Report Type, and what each type can be used for:

Plain Paper:  This will print a standard SapphireOne designed order onto blank paper with all the lines drawn by the computer. 
Plain Preprinted:  This prints the same as Plain Paper but only printing the text as the paper used will be pre-printed and already have the lines and graphics printed. 
4010 Preprinted:  This is a paper size for dot matrix printers with the boxes etc already drawn to a pre-set format. 
Direct – 1:  This drives a serial printer directly using the settings defined in the Utilities Mode allowing any style of pre-printed paper to be used. 
Letterhead Paper:  This allows you to print a report with a personalised letterhead. 
Custom Purchase-1:  This is used for Custom Report Layout 1. 
Custom Purchase-2:  This is used for Custom Report Layout 2. SapphireOne gives you the option of two Custom Report layouts. 
Landscape This setting will result in the report being printed landscape.
Advanced This allows you to specify the number of copies and paper type prior to printing.
Discontinued Inventory This report will contain the Invoices containing discontinued inventory.

Report Sort Order Popup Menu

The Report Sort Order Popup Menu allows the user to select from various sorting methods and criteria to organise data in different sequences while still maintaining the same fundamental report format. The user can sort data by the following options.

No Sort This will not apply any additional data sorting to the report.
By ID This will sort the order of the data by Purchase Order ID.
By Type Sort and order transactions by Type.
By Date In Sort and order transactions by Date In
By Date Due Sort and order transactions by Date Due.
By Internal Reference Sort and order transactions by Internal Reference.
By Sequence   Sort and order transactions by Sequence Number.

Report Selection Popup Menu

The Report Selection Popup Menu also allows you to select which purchase order data you would like to report on, allowing you to get more granular and specific with your reporting capabilities.

Orders This will display all inventory orders.
Posted This will display all inventory orders that have been posted.
Unposted This will display all inventory items, excluding inactive inventory items.
In Transit This will display all inventory that are In Transit.
Inwards Goods This will display all inventory that are inwards.
Unarrived Inwards Goods This will display all inventory that are inwards but not arrived concurrently.

Data Range Selection Area

The Data Range Selection Area allows users to select the precise inventory data they wish to include and exclude in the report.

Data Selection This dropdown menu has several options such as ID, State, Zip Code and Class
Data Metric This dropdown menu allows users to select the metric to include or exclude data such as equals, not equal to, less than or greater than.

Report Buttons

Print Button Select this to Print the Report.
Cancel Button Select this to Cancel the Report.
Record List Button Selecting this button brings up a list of all inventory items within the users SapphireOne data file. The user can then use the ‘command/F’ and ‘ctrl/F’ search function to search for the inventory item to be printed.
Options Button The Options Button allows for even further customisation of the Report. Further details are outlined below.
Queue Button Selecting this button will put the report in a Queue, allowing the user to select the time and day for the report to run and print.
Background Button Selecting this button allows the user to run the report in the background of the SapphireOne server, allowing the user to continue with other tasks while the report is generating.

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