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Dashboards – Accounts General Ledger – Overview

The Dashboards function, accessible from multiple locations within SapphireOne, empowers users to access graphical reports that utilise real-time data sourced directly from their SapphireOne data file. This feature provides dynamic insights and visual representations of data to enhance decision-making and data analysis.

User Access to Dashboards

Access to each of these Included Dashboards may be granted both on a user by user basis, and then on a menu by menu basis. This is done by going to Utilities > Controls > User Access Inquiry > Menus Page

Modifying & Deleting Included Dashboards

When it comes to the included dashboards, it’s important to note that editing, modifications and Deletions are not permitted. Users have limited options for making changes to these reports. These dashboards are designed to provide specific and unalterable insights, ensuring data accuracy and consistency.

New Dashboards (Reports palette)

New Dashboards are only created by a user from the Reports Palette on the main toolbar. These new dashboards will automatically appear as the last items at the bottom of the Report Palette menu. This placement is designed for convenient and quick access, offering flexibility to customise dashboards to meet specific needs and requirements.

User by User Dashboards

It’s important to note that any dashboards created by a user will only be displayed at the bottom of the Report Palette for that specific user who created them. This ensures a personalised and organised view of dashboards within SapphireOne.

Included Dashboards – General Ledger

When the dashboard item is selected from the General Ledger menu, an alert will be displayed, showcasing the included dashboard items.

When Dashboards is selected from the Accounts > General Ledger Menu a Select Dashboard menu will be displayed.

SapphireOne has included five standard dashboards which are Income Accounts by class name, Income Accounts by ID, Expense Accounts by class name, Expense Accounts by ID and Income & Expense.

Income Accounts By Class Name

The Income Accounts by Class Name dashboard provides a visual breakdown of the sales revenue for SapphireOne users, displaying the generated income. This functionality categorises your data based on specific General Ledger class names. You have the flexibility to create class names for various purposes, such as monitoring sales team performance related to particular sets of Inventory, Job Projects, or specific resources and activities within a Department. This allows for tailored data analysis and insights based on your business’s specific needs.

Income Accounts By ID

The Income Accounts by ID dashboard in SapphireOne allows you to view the income generated for your business or organisation based on a specific ID. This ID could represent a particular inventory category, such as Sales – Appliances, for instance. The interactive graph or chart presents data for the chosen time frame, which you can select from the drop-down menu, with the options of Year to date or Month to date.

This resource is highly valuable for gaining insights into the breakdown of your sales revenue and income generation. Furthermore, it presents the breakdown as a percentage, offering a clear and visual interpretation of the data. All your income accounts configured in the SapphireOne application are presented using a color scheme that highlights the various income accounts, making it easy to review and analyse.

Expense Accounts By Class Name

In SapphireOne, users can conveniently review their expense accounts and display data by Class Name through the SapphireOne Dashboard. The application also offers the flexibility to create expense accounts tailored to your company or organization’s specific needs. You can customize and categorise your accounts into specific groups or names within the Class inquiry.

With this feature, users can group expenses into standard areas that align with their business or organization’s General Ledger accounts and requirements. This allows for organised data collation and viewing by class category. Additionally, the dashboard presents a sales breakdown as a percentage, providing valuable insights into your financial data.

Expense Accounts By ID

The Expense Accounts by ID graph or chart in SapphireOne compiles and presents data based on a specific Inventory ID. This feature enables users to examine all expense categories and categorise them by their respective IDs. Additionally, users can hover over a section of the pie graph or chart column to view the amount and percentage breakdown of expenses for the selected time frame, which are Year to date or Month to date.

This functionality provides SapphireOne users with a visual breakdown and tracking capability for specific expenses within their IDs, enhancing their ability to manage and analyse expense data effectively.

Income & Expense

The Income & Expense chart in SapphireOne displays your business or organization’s income and expenses side by side in one view, with income shown in blue and expenses in red. This visual representation enables SapphireOne users to analyse their data and make direct comparisons between Sales and Costs. Users can choose between two options in the drop-down menu: Year to Date and Month to Date.

By clicking the Redraw button, the data is recalculated, and an updated chart is generated for immediate review. SapphireOne users also have the capability to Save the graph, which proves highly advantageous for record-keeping, sharing with various departments, and enhancing presentations, among other uses.

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