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Inventory Vendors Overview

The Sapphire Inventory Vendors tool enables the SapphireOne user to update all inventory vendors from the inventory inquiry screen. This gives the SapphireOne user the ability to update one single vendor, a group or subset of vendors or all vendors.

SapphireOne’s Vendor Inquiry screen is the single repository for all master Vendor information. SapphireOne’s Vendors is the foundation for all expenses with in your SapphireOne application. Once set up, the Vendor will be the repository for all transactions for that particular Vendor, whether that be Inventory Transactions, Job Project Based Transactions or Account Transactions. All interactions will be monitored with the inbuilt Vendor Relationship Management (VRM) within the SapphireOne Vendor, and a complete history of all Transactions is stored for the life on the data file. 

For example, you may be at the end of the financial year and are looking to audit all vendor information in SapphireOne. You may have changed vendors, added new vendors, etc and wish to update the information to the Inventory inquiry screen before. The SapphireOne user can utilise the Inventory Vendors tool to efficiently update all vendor information.

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