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Dashboards – Accounts Payables – Overview

The Dashboards function, accessible from multiple locations within SapphireOne, empowers users to access graphical reports that utilise real-time data sourced directly from their SapphireOne data file. This feature provides dynamic insights and visual representations of data to enhance decision-making and data analysis.

User Access to Dashboards

Access to each of these Included Dashboards may be granted both on a user by user basis, and then on a menu by menu basis. This is done by going to Utilities > Controls > User Access Inquiry > Menus Page

Modifying & Deleting Included Dashboards

When it comes to the included dashboards, it’s important to note that editing, modifications and Deletions are not permitted. Users have limited options for making changes to these reports. These dashboards are designed to provide specific and unalterable insights, ensuring data accuracy and consistency.

New Dashboards (Reports palette)

When a user creates new dashboards using the Reports Palette, these dashboards will automatically appear as the last items at the bottom of the Report Palette menu. This placement is designed for convenient and quick access, offering flexibility to customize dashboards to meet specific needs and requirements.

It’s important to note that any dashboards created by a user will only be displayed at the bottom of the Report Palette for that specific user who created them. This ensures a personalised and organised view of dashboards within SapphireOne.

Included Dashboards – Accounts Payables

When the dashboard item is selected from the Accounts Payables menu, an alert will be displayed, showcasing the included dashboard items.

Included Dash Boards:

When Dashboards is selected from the Accounts > Payables Menu a Select Dashboard menu will be displayed. SapphireOne has included two standard dashboards which are Top Vendor Balance and Vendor Due.

New Dash Boards:

Users may also create a new custom Dashboard with near infinite scope by selecting New Dashboard from the Reports Palette Reports. This facility is outlined later in the article.

Total Vendor Balance Dashboard

The Total Vendor Balance Dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of Vendor balances in real-time, spanning a time frame of 30, 60, and 90+ days.

SapphireOne users can hover over individual columns to access tool tips containing detailed vendor balances for each period, such as the 30-day period. This feature offers users a clear and concise visual representation of their Vendor balances, enhancing data visibility and comprehension.

Vendor Due Dashboard

The included dashboard provides a comprehensive view of the Total Balance Payable for each Vendor in the data file. It serves as a valuable resource for reviewing Vendor Balances data through a clear and concise visual presentation. The Vendor Due dashboard offers SapphireOne users a transparent overview of any outstanding costs that require settlement and tracks the movement of outstanding funds.

Additionally, SapphireOne users can hover over a specific Client they wish to examine, prompting a tool tip that displays the current balance owed by the selected Client. This feature enhances user access to crucial financial information, facilitating informed decision-making and effective financial management.

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