Remove From Batch - Simplify The Removal of Unreconciled Receipts

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Remove From Batch Tool Overview

When a particular Client Receipt is deposited as a batch with other transactions, the ‘Remove From Batch’ tool will remove that receipt from the batch of transactions provided the receipt has not yet been reconciled. 

To use the Remove From Batch tool:

  1. From the Receivables drop down menu execute a Transactions Inquiry.
  2. Highlight the Client Receipt that is to be removed from the batch.
  3. Select (Command G) or go to the options menu and select Show Subset. The only transactions in the list on screen must be those that are to be removed from the batch. 
  4. Then select Remove from Batch on the tools drop down menu.
  5. SapphireOne will display an alert. Check it carefully for the number of transactions. 
  6. When the Yes button is selected the transaction will be removed from the batch of transactions that were deposited.

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