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The SapphireOne Export ATP Summary tools enables the SapphireOne user to create a spreadsheet summary report of a Job Project General Ledger. This is a simpler version of the Sapphire Export ATP tools as the GL balances are displayed on a Job Project by Job Project basis. An Available to Promise (ATP) report allows a company, businesses or organisation the ability to manage inventory levels accurately and efficiently by keeping stock levels maintained at their base inventory amount.

Where Used: Job Projects > Job Projects > Job Project G/L Inquiry

Menu-Sapphire Tools-Export Activity Qty By Period-Job-Project-Inquiry
Menu-Sapphire Tools-Export Activity-Qty-By-Period-Export ATP Summary

Once the Export ATP summary tool is selected the users operating platform will display the search screen allowing the use to select a location and a name for the exported file

Once the has selected a name and a location select the Save button.

Menu-Job Projects-Job Projects-Job Project GL Summary Alert

The user will have to start their spreadsheet program and select the file that was just exported.

Menu-Job Projects-Job Projects-Job Project GL-Excel

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