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Bill of Materials (BOM) Overview

Within SapphireOne, the Bill of Materials Inquiry is utilised to analyse the Inventory Items that compose a Built Inventory item. In the context of Bondi Blue, there is an Inventory Item listed as KITPACK~0, which is specifically used for capturing screenshots in this article and also for training purposes.

To create a Built Inventory Item, the build process needs to be initially commenced through either a Build Order Journal or a Build Journal. Both methods serve the purpose of allocating inventory stock during the item construction, but there are slight differences in functionality. In one method, stock is allocated immediately when the new build is saved, while in the other method, stock allocation takes place at the point of posting after saving the new build first.

When creating a new Built Inventory Item, it is essential to utilise a Base Inventory Inquiry to build the desired Inventory item.

On this Build Of Materials screen, only Built Inventory Items and the components that make up the Bill of Materials are displayed. A filter is applied to the list so that other inventory items are not shown in this context.

A Bill of Materials Inventory Item can be comprised of different types of SapphireOne Inventory, including normal, non-diminishing, serial, batch, item, or activity, among others. For instance, if we consider a bicycle, its Bill of Materials would include the actual Inventory items utilised in its assembly, such as the frame, wheels, pedals, as well as the labor involved. The complete bicycle would represent the entirety of the Bill of Materials.

Bill of Materials

The Bill of Materials screen below displays a comprehensive list of the individual items that constitute the Bill of Materials, along with their corresponding links or associations.

By selecting a line item, you can access additional information related to the item, such as its cost and class.

Inventory Inquiry

If you wish to make modifications to the links associated with the item, you can navigate to an Inventory Inquiry. To access this function in SapphireOne go to, Inventory > Inventory > Inventory Inquiry.

From there, you can access the Build Lines Page of the specific Inventory item as seen above and make changes to the individual items that form the Bill of Materials.

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