How to Use Header and Footer Variables in SapphireOne Reports

Overview of SapphireOne Reports Header and Footer Variables

This article provides an overview of pre-defined Header and Footer Variables in SapphireOne Reports templates.

Basic Commands

These preload command must be entered first and may vary according to the table accessed. I for Invoice to the right and C for Clients. There would be others such as V for Vendor. SR_PreLoad(“I”)  SR_PreLoad(“C”) 
??????  SR_packingInventory:=False 
Enter the max N⁰ of characters. SapphireOne then forces word wrap for the entire report at the N° entered. 70 in the example to the right.  SR_MAXLENGTH:=70 
This script converts an Invoice to Table layout styles.  TablePrintA(1) 
To enter the date from the computers clock.  srdate 
To enter in the current page number.  srdate 
To enter in the total number of pages.  srdates 

Commonly used variables with shortcuts

Since we have coded our own Sapphire Reports a lot of the variables which had to have script written for them are no longer needed. A simple field object may be selected and a link/source for the field linked to directly. And the list available for selection is very very large.

Of note is the six in the table below. 

  • Tbal10 in AUD or local [Invoices]Amount
  • Texim300 FX currency [Invoices]Org_Amount 
  • Tbal11 in AUD or local [Invoices]Tax
  • Texim301 FX Currency [Invoices]Org_Tax 
  • Tbal12 in AUD or local [Invoices]Total
  • Texim302 FX currency [Invoices]Org_Total 
tbal10  [Invoices]Amount
Variable usually the Amount Without Tax 
tBal11  [Invoices]Tax
Variable usually the Tax only, in Australia the GST 
tBal12  [Invoices]Total
Variable usually the Amount plus Tax Included 
Texim100  Company Address, ABN etc
Texim102  Transaction Type in Word Format
Texim300  [Invoices]Org_Amount In FX Format 
Texim301  [Invoices]Org_Tax In FX Format 
Texim302  [Invoices]Org_Total In FX Format 
tdiscmess  Prompt Payment Discount Message 
Clients Mail Address  [Invoices] Mailing Address 
Clients Del Address  [Invoices] Delivery_Address 
Clients ID  [Invoices] Client _LK 
Delivery Date  [Invoices] Delivery_Date 
Customer Order No  [Invoices] External_Ref 
Date Due  [Invoices] Date_Due 
Invoice No  [Invoices] Internal_Ref 
Text Details  [Invoices] Text
Text Details on the More Detail Page 

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