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Make Inactive Overview

The Sapphire Make Inactive tool enables the user to pick a single Vendor or Client or a single Inventory item. Typically, you may select a group of inventory, a group of clients or a group of vendors that you wish to Make Inactive. Once selected you will show them as a subset and highlight those particular records. Then by going to the Sapphire tool Make Inactive you’ll be able to affectively deactivate them so they won’t appear in your normal inquiry list unless you ‘Include Inactive’.

For example, you may have a new range that’s about to come in and you don’t want your user to be able to see the new inventory until the launch date. Alternatively, the user would have to go in and modify each and every client record, vendor record or inventory record and actually untick the Active checkbox. This is a very slow and laborious and this tool really speeds up that process so there’s no manual interaction by the user to make these records inactive.

Before any record or transaction may be made inactive SapphireOne enforces the following rules.

  • Clients and Vendors – Must have a zero balance.
  • Inventory Items – These must have zero stock.

Once you have selected any number of items or records you can use this tool to make the records Inactive. These items will no longer appear in the standard lists and will not be available for use in transactions.

This make inactive tool has been replaced in some functions with the Toggle Active tool

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