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Broadcast SMS Overview

The Sapphire Broadcast SMS tool allows for the deployment of SMS messages to your contacts mobile numbers. The SpliceCom telephone system will have to be correctly installed as a part of your SapphireOne data file. Your Telephone carrier will also have to be set up to allow the sending of multiple SMS messages.

Within SapphireOne, there is provision for the storing of contacts details. Within each contact record, there is provision for the storing of a number of telephone numbers in the details area as seen below. This includes exchange based numbers, which for NSW start with 02. In addition, there is provision for the entry of mobile numbers. Some of these telephone number data entry fields also have provision for changing the headings, so that users may adapt these telephone data entry field headings to suit their requirements.

The SapphireOne user is provided with two choices when selecting the telephone numbers that are to have an SMS message sent to them.

  1. From the Contact List – Select/Highlight the telephone numbers to receive the SMS.
    • A list of previously selected/highlighted items will be displayed in the enter SMS list as seen below.
  2. From the Contact List – There is no need to select a number.
    • The complete list of contacts will be displayed in the Enter the SMS list.
    • Use the checkbox at the end of each telephone number to select the numbers that are to be sent the SMS.

Once you have made your selections for telephone numbers, enter the SMS to be sent.

Once all is correct, select the button.

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