Re-Open - Effortlessly Re-Open Your SapphireOne Tracking Notes

Workbook > General > Tracking Notes > Re-Open

There is also a Close tool that provides the same functionality as documented below except that it alters the selected item/s status to Closed.

Re-Open Overview

When a tracking note is to be re-opened for some reason, the user normally has to select each tracking note in sequence, open it, then manually alter the status of the tracking note to Re-Open and then save the alteration. The Sapphire Re-Open tool has been provided so the the SapphireOne user is able to select/highlight any number of tracking notes from the tracking notes list screen, and alter their current status to Re-Open.

Re-Open Tool Usage

Select/highlight the tracking note/s to be Re-Opened. Then select the Re-Open tool. No alert will be displayed as the tracking notes status can be altered at any time if any errors are made.

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