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ETA Overview

This ETA tool has three functions available for users, and is one of the collapsed items in the tools menu. The three sub items are Update, Export and Import. This tool must not be confused with the ETA button now on the Details Page of the order itself. The ETA button in an order is applied on a line by line basis. This tool here is applied on a transaction by transaction basis for all lines in the transaction.

Update Usage

The user should be aware that if no orders are highlighted, SapphireOne will attempt to update all orders in the data file. When this tool is selected, SapphireOne will display an alert displaying the number of orders that will be updated. Make certain this is what the user wants, for the screenshot below just the 2 orders will be updated.

This quantity should reflect the quantity of orders in SapphireOne that are currently highlighted so check this alert carefully.

SapphireOne will then display an alert allowing the user to accept the current date or alter it as required. Then select OK. 

Export Usage

When this tool is selected, SapphireOne exports the currently highlighted records ETA dates on a line by line basis to a CSV file. An alert seen below will ask for confirmation for the number of invoices to be exported.

SapphireOne will then open the local machines default spreadsheet program for viewing or modifying it. The user will have to remember to save the spreadsheet file from here, if it is to be viewed at a later time.

Import Usage

When the Import tool is selected, SapphireOne will open the operating systems choose a file screen. It will only recognise CSV files so that it may read the ETA data into the selected orders.

Use the Export tool to export the arrival dates out, then modify the arrival dates, and then re-import the modified arrival dates back in to your data file.

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