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For this tool to operate correctly all Inventory Items must have a preferred Vendor entered on the second page of the Inventory items master record.

Generate Requisition Overview

When viewing sales invoices the SapphireOne user will often note that for a transaction, stock levels are becoming low or have been exhausted for some orders. The SapphireOne user will then have to generate a requisition for the stock required. These may be generated from a Sales Client Invoice (SCI) or an Order Client Invoice (OCI), with the later likely being the most common usage for this tool. Any of these with a backorder component would be a prime candidate. The Sapphire Generate Requisition tool allows the SapphireOne user to perform this function directly from the Sales Invoice list whilst it is open on screen. For any Sales Client Invoice (SCI) they can be posted or unposted.

Generate Requisition Operation

From the sales list, select/highlight a transaction either posted or unposted as this will become the template for the new requisition.

Then select the Sapphire Generate Requisition tool once and once only for each transaction that is to have a requisition for it. SapphireOne will then proceed to generate a new requisition in the background.

To check on the new requisitions go to Inventory > Purchases > transactions and look at the requisitions that were generated. These may be modified and converted to orders as required.

The Requisition Vendor Invoice (RVI) generated from the order may be seen in the screen shot below. The new requisition will have the same inventory item/s and quantities as in the OCI or SCI, with the preferred Vendor from the item as the supplier.

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