GST Summary Accrual - Easily Monitor your GST Accruals

GST Summary Accrual Overview

The GST Summary Accrual Report within SapphireOne Management Mode display the GST accruals for the period in days as selected by the user.

SapphireOne by default will enter in today’s date and the start of the financial year ie 1/7/34 and 1/4/35. Both the Start Date and the Finish Date are underlined and when selected a calendar is available for the user to select the dates as required. The report may also be Printed or exported to a CSV file which may be viewed using any spreadsheet program. 

The details and movement of each Tax Code are collected as seen in the GST Summary Accrual report below. The Tax Codes can be set up within SapphireOne by going to Company > Periods and Taxes > Tax Codes.

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