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The SapphireOne Recalc Forecast tool enables the SapphireOne user to aggregate history usage data from a particular time frame and generate a forecast estimate for required inventory levels. This is an extremely powerful tool for the SapphireOne user to forecast their required inventory purchases.

A Material Requirements Planning (MRP) system allows for the management of inventory, process scheduling and planning in production, manufacturing, etc. The SapphireOne MRP functionality gives the user the ability to manage all inventory items, materials and resources are available to meet production and delivery requirements.

The SapphireOne user also has the ability to track and maintain base inventory levels for all materials, resources and products, as well as organise manufacturing, schedule deliveries and arrivals and monitor purchases. The SapphireOne user has the ability to recalculate the forecast forward by 30 financial periods, which will calculate to 2.5 years if you run 12 financial periods per year.

For example, you may be required to order or restock your organisations inventory levels for the next three months and you regularly update on a quarterly basis. But due to recent manufacturing or shipping delays from vendors, you may be required to order for the next six months to ensure your base inventory levels are maintained and available for delivery. The SapphireOne user can then utilise the Recalc Forecast tool to aggregate the relevant history usage data and purchase your base inventory levels accordingly.

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