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Generate Build Overview

The Sapphire Generate Build tool enables the SapphireOne user to create a build of selected inventory items or materials. This gives the SapphireOne user the ability to select the specific inventory items, parts or components and their required quantities for a particular build.

Build Journal, Bill of Materials or Build Order Journal

A Build Journal within SapphireOne can be commonly referred to as a Bill of Materials or a BOM. These are typically inventory structures that are associated with a manufacture of inventory commonly referred to as a Build Journal.

A Build Journal is created from various components that can consist of raw materials, sub-assemblies, intermediate assemblies, inventory parts and sub-components. Quantities can vary from time to time depending on the particular Build Journal.

A Build Journal is the founding document to communicate within your organisation regarding the various inventory components required for the manufacture of the Bill of Materials (BOM). These may include a production departments, inventory departments/warehouses, inventory locations, human resources, external vendors, etc.

For example, you may have a chemical company and one of the products you create is surfboard wax. You may have a variety of inventory materials that are used to formulate a single wax. In order to create a particular mixture of wax, the SapphireOne user can utilise the Sapphire Generate Build tool to.

Another example could be that your are a sport equipment company and one of the items you sell is sets of golf clubs. You may have entered each type of driver, iron and putter as a single inventory item, and would are required to build a set. The SapphireOne user has the ability to utilise the Generate Build tool and can build

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