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Show Reports for Sales

The heading Show Reports for Sales heading above is prominently placed at the start of this article to draw the user’s attention to it. This strategic placement is due to the presence of eight items from the Show Report function found in the Sales menu which have been included here within the Management module.

These links to these Show Report items have been strategically included here to enhance user convenience when utilising the Analysis menu in Management mode. It’s important to emphasize that these reports will not be redundantly documented in this article. Instead, users can easily access them by selecting the hyperlinks provided below. When these hyperlinks are clicked, a new tab will open on your browser, presenting the user with relevant article that documents the specific Show Report function within the Sales module.

These reports from the Sales module are essentially identical, and therefore, duplicating the instructions for each of them would be an inefficient use of resources. Here are links to the Inventory > Sales > Show Report items: Sales by Client, Sales by Client Class, Sales by Item, Sales by Item Class, Sales by Project Class, Sales by Matrix, Sales by Rep and finally Sales by Serial Batch.

Show Reports Management Overview

This Show Reports Management sheds light on the Show Reports function within the SapphireOne Analysis menu. This function empowers users to configure various report styles to meet diverse needs.

Standardised Layouts

Generating reports is a breeze with SapphireOne’s simple selection of standardised drop-down menus. Users can easily select the desired report options, followed by the preferred date or period for report generation. All reports can be exported in CSV format, compatible with any external spreadsheet program.

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Selecting a Report

After selecting a report option in SapphireOne, you have the flexibility to choose various criteria for the report, as documented below. Once the report has been generated, you can easily export it as either an HTML or CSV file. These files can be opened in any web browser or external spreadsheet program for your convenience

If the user wishes to read the complete Show Report article in Sales from the beginning, they can access it through this Show Reports link.

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