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Where Used: Job Projects > Job Projects > Job Project Inquiry
Also at Payroll > Administration > Employee Inquiry 

Include Finished Overview

The Sapphire Include Finished tool enables the user to view a list of all Job Projects contained within the SapphireOne data file that have the status of Finished. When a user searches the list of Job Projects or Employees, it will typically display only those that have a status of Active or Hold. From this list, the user also has the ability to modify the primary status of an Employee or a Job Project from Finished and reactivate it to Hold or Active.

Sapphire-Tools-Include Finished-Job-Project
Sapphire Tools-Job Project-Include Finished-Menu

For example, you may have completed a Job Project for a particular client and changed its status from Active to Finished. The client may then require additional work to be done for that Job Project. Rather than starting a new Job Project, the user has the ability to search the list of Job Projects and utilise the Include Finished tool to display all finished Job Projects. From the list the SapphireOne user can then select the particular Job Project for that client and reactivate it by modifying its status to Active. The SapphireOne user will then be prompted with a confirmation screen asking them to confirm the changes they wish to make before processing the status change.

Normally Projects and Employees marked as Finished will not be displayed in the standard list of Projects. Making this selection from the Sapphire Tools menu will show a list of all projects in the data file including those that have had the Primary Status set at Finished

This allows modifications to be made to these Projects and Employees including re-activating them by altering the Primary Status from Finished to either Hold or Active

If you do make a change you may be presented with an alert as follows.

Finished to Active No Alert. Active to Finished an alert will be displayed as seen below

Sapphire Tools-Include Finished-Alert

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