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Create Transfer Overview

The Sapphire Create Transfer tool allows the SapphireOne user to transfer Serial or Batch items, one or more at a time at a time, while SapphireOne automatically creates the required Transfer General Ledger Journals (TGJ).

When a Serial Batch Inquiry is executed, SapphireOne will display all Serial and Batch items that are available for sale. Serial & Batch items will be held across all locations in your business and, at times, they may be in the wrong location.

To utilise this tool correctly, the Inventory item must already be set up in the location that the Serial Batch item is being transferred. If not, the TGJ created by the transfer will have an error.

Create Transfer Procedure

First execute a Serial/Batch inquiry then select/highlight the Serial/Batch items that are to be transferred to another location.

Next select the Create Transfer Tool for the Sapphire Tools menu. An alert will be displayed asking the user to enter in a Transfer To Location. Enter the location and select the OK button.

SapphireOne will then display a list with a single TGJ in it. When the TGJ is opened it will contain the General Ledger Journal created by SapphireOne for the transfer. This TGJ will contain all the data entered for the correct transfer of the inventory items to the other location.

Inventory levels will not be adjusted and available for sale until the resulting TGJ has been posted.

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