Update Employee FX

Update Employee FX Tool Overview

Where Used: Payroll/HR, Administration, Employee Inquiry. 

This tool is meant to be executed on employees that have been entered as receiving their pay in FX. If it is executed on any employees who are not paid in FX, SapphireOne will not display an FX currency for the user to select a rate for as seen in the screenshot below!

The Update Employee FX Sapphire Tool allows users to update the FX Rate on a selection of employee records at a time. This will over rule the FX

To use the ‘Update Employee FX’ SapphireOne Tool:

  • Employee Selection – Highlight the employee records you wish to update and type ‘Cmd/Ctrl G’ to show subset of all selected employees. Please note the tool will operate on the highlighted employees only.
  • Select Update Employee FX – Once all employee records are highlighted, select the Sapphire Tools icon and select ‘Update Employee FX.
  • FX Alert – SapphireOne looks at the employees FX type and enters it as the FX Code. Enter in the FX rate that is to be used when these employees are paid.
  • Confirmation – This final alert will display the number of employees who have had the FX rate for their current pay reset. Select OK-Button to complete the operation.

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